EPA Admin nominee said ag will have a say on RFS talks

WASHINGTON, D.C.(WNAX)- Last week, EPA Administrator Nominee Michael (ree-gun) Regan told a Senate committee that agriculture will have a place at the table on RFS discussions. He also said the EPA will need to review how it has handled the Renewable Fuel Standard and the next steps forward. South Dakota Corn Grower’s Association President Scott Stahl says Regan needs to keep in mind the RFS is a critical part of South Dakota’s ag economy and beneficial for corn growers.

He says there must be clarity and stability with the RFS.

Stahl says the RFS and what farmers are doing follows closely the climate change goals of the Biden Administration and he hopes Regan understands that.

Stahl says it’s important that if he’s confirmed, Administrator Regan will make sure there’s no blanket approval of the small refinery waivers from the RFS.