Executive Director of Smart Carbon Network update on inspections of pipelines

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The day after the Property Rights Roundup, Executive Director of the Smart Carbon Network, Joe Heinrich appeared on KSDN reacting to what was said there.  One of the questions he couldn’t answer was the issues of inspections that are done to these pipelines.

Heinrich called back Friday to follow up on that specific topic.  One of the companies that runs those pipelines responded back to him.

Heinrich was informed that the company wanted to stay anonymous but talked about their quality control program.

Heinrich expressed what this company does when there is an issue with one of the pipelines.

Heinrich talks about what happens when there is a buildup when a part of a pipeline is shutdown.

Heinrich explains that technology is much better today than what is was over forty years ago.

A court case in Iowa declared a moratorium dealing with  pipelines in Shelby County was declared illegal.

Brown County Commission just voted to end their moratorium on Wednesday with potential for a new one to come in the future.