Expert testifies in Jarrett Jones trial that knife in pocket wasn’t important

ABERDEEN, S.D.(Aberdeen American News)- The final witness called by the defense conceded that the knife in Jon Schumacher’s pocket wasn’t important when it came to the series of events that led to his death.

Defense attorneys presented their witnesses Monday, concluding with expert testimony from self-defense instructor Massad Ayoob, who spoke about the factors that go into determining if lethal force is justified.

Jarrett Jones, 50, of Bath, is charged with the murder of Schumacher, 28, of Mina, who died the early morning of Jan. 2, 2020 after being shot twice at Jones’ home shop.

The trial for the case began Wednesday at the Brown County Courthouse and continued with almost three days of testimony from witnesses for the prosecution, who put together a timeline of events leading up to Schumacher’s death. Prosecutors presented their last witness Friday. Defense attorneys presented their witnesses Monday. By mid-afternoon, both sides had rested their case, which means closing arguments will be heard Tuesday morning before jurors start deliberations.

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