Extension Swine Specialist encouraged by recent vaccine developments for ASF

WASHINGTON, D.C.(WNAX)- The Ag Research Service at USDA says one of its vaccine candidates can prevent and protect against the spread of African Swine Fever. That vaccine was proven effective against the current Asian and European strains of the virus. To date, the A-R-S has successfully engineered and patented five ASF experimental vaccines. SDSU Extension Swine Specialist Dr. Bob Thaler says that’s encouraging for America’s pork producers working to keep it out of the United States.

He says ASF research done in Vietnam by the Swine Health Information Center has helped in the battle against the virus. Thaler says he’s encouraged by the vaccine just developed that proved effective when used in Vietnam.

Thaler says the effects of ASF should it hit the U.S. would devastate the entire economy, not just agriculture so its critical everyone work together to find a vaccine for the virus.

Thaler says U.S. pork producers must remain vigilant and keep up with their biosecurity efforts to protect their animals and operations.