Family Pride Meats, where the name says it all!

IPSWICH, S.D. (Hub City Radio)

Family Pride Meats is a locally owned and operated business out of Ipswich, S.D. and the word “family” means everything to them.

Tonya Luond of Family Pride Meats explains the history of the business and how their family has been involved from the very beginning.

Tonya describes what the daily operations of Family Pride Meats looks and sounds like.

With the guys in the meat plant across the alleyway, the girls are in the office building taking care of the other essential business duties.

Tonya shares what makes Family Pride Meats so unique.

Tonya also speaks on the longevity of the business and quality of their products.

Tonya lists the different products and services that Family Pride Meats offers to the public.

And the list of products would not be complete without, of course, bacon!

Lastly, Tonya talks about all the different ways people can find Family Pride Meats, their delicious products, and some promotional offers as well.