Farm group President disappointed At vacation of NWPR, testified at virtual hearing

PHOENIX, A.Z.(WNAX)- A Federal Court Judge in Arizona this week vacated the Trump administration’s Clean Water regulation, the Navigable Waters Protection Rule. That’s the rule that replaced the Obama Era Waters of the U.S. rule. South Dakota Farm Bureau President Scott VanderWal is disappointed by the ruling.

He says the NWPR is a much more common-sense rule and achieves both environmental protection and allows producers to operate without federal overreach.

VanderWal says if EPA proceeds to write a new Clean Water Rule much different from the NWPR, it will be costly.

VanderWal says he and other Farm Bureau members are weighing in with members of Congress on the need for a common-sense Clean Water rule. He says that could prove fruitless however as Congress would need to step in and prevent EPA from issuing the new regulation.