Farmers react to statement made at Saturday’s Cracker Barrel regarding CO2 pipeline

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  Coming up on Wednesday, farmers from the region are hosting a forum regarding their opposition to the CO2 pipeline.  Farmer from McPherson & Spink Counties appear to preview it & react to comment made at the Cracker Barrel this past Saturday at NSU.

Spink County farmer and the gentleman who asked about it at the Cracker Barrel Ed Fischbach talks about his opposition to the issue of eminent domain.

McPherson County farmer Mark Lapka talks about why there has been a delay in putting a bill out about updating eminent domain.

McPherson County farmer Bruce Mack talks about a video showing what happens if there was a CO2 burst.

Fischbach discuss the situation the eruption that took place in Mississippi.

Lapka talks about an issue District 23 Representative Charley Hoffman has with them.

Lapka discuss the upcoming permit that would be brought up in front of the Public Utilities Commission board.

The farmers are hosting a forum coming up on Wednesday in Redfield, Mack talks about who’s all invited to it.

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