Farmers who got crops planted seeing better yields than expected

YANKTON, S.D. (WNAX) – Many Northern Plains farmers who were able to get a crop planted this spring are seeing better corn and soybean yields than expected. That’s according to Pioneer Agronomist Curt Hoffbeck, and he says that’s even true with late seeded crops.

He says the worst area for flooding and excessive moisture in South Dakota was south of Interstate 90, but even farmers in those areas have been surprised with yields.

Hoffbeck says many farmers have reported good results with their pre-emergent weed control efforts.

For producers who took prevented plant, Hoffbeck recommends they focus on weed control for the 2020 growing season and use full rate pre-emergent herbicides in their program.

Hoffbeck says after such a difficult growing season most producers are anxious to get 2019 behind them.