FEM warns residents of covering up utilities with snow

IPSWICH, S.D. (Press Release) – FEM Electric Association in Ipswich, South Dakota, would like local residents to be aware of the dangers of covering up the various utilities with snow this winter.

With the continued onslaught of snow events, we would like to remind everyone when moving, pushing or blowing snow, please be aware of your surroundings and do not cover up electric equipment like transformers, also known as ‘green boxes’, or pile snow up next to utility poles with meters or transformers on them or under any highline wires.

We have had individuals accidently make contact with some electrical equipment and some other close calls.  Please be mindful of where the green boxes are located and do not cover them up with snow.  This holds true for other types of utility equipment also, like where gas lines come up from the ground or water meters.  Your safety is the number one reason to be careful when moving snow.

If you do come in contact with any electrical equipment, please contact FEM Electric right away.  Do not go near any damaged equipment, as it does have high voltage running through it.