Flow of out of state money unlikely to change significantly despite IM24

PIERRE, S.D. (South Dakota Broadcasters Association) – The flow of out of state money into South Dakota’s Initiated Ballot Measure process is unlikely to change much despite a ban known as IM24.

Initiated Measure 24 was passed by voters last November and takes effect July 1. While the ban would prevent out of state donors from giving directly to ballot question committees, nothing prevents out of state contributions to PACs who then could donate to ballot committees.

Similarly, businesses and corporations registered for four or more years with the Secretary of State’s Office are exempt from IM24.

U.S. District Judge Charles Kornmann is deliberating the constitutionality of IM24 this week in Aberdeen. He heard hours of testimony last Friday from both plaintiff and state attorneys.

In a rare ‘on the record’ exchange from the bench, Judge Kornmann offered his thoughts on the case before hearing witness testimony. He says IM24, “isn’t as broad as one might think.”

56 percent of South Dakota voters approved IM24 in the November 2018 election.