Former senator speaks out against fireworks at Mount Rushmore

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KBHB) — A former Rapid City state senator says the danger to the forest, and the danger to lives, don’t justify Friday night’s fireworks at Mount Rushmore. Stan Adelstein (ad-ul-steen) of District 32 says Governor Kristi Noem’s act of inviting Donald Trump to Mount Rushmore Friday will be meaningful, if Trump actually speaks about restoring justice and tranquility. Adelstein says he isn’t hopeful about that happening.

Adelstein spoke about his own family traditions, and the reverence with which they all celebrated Independence Day over the years.

As a Jewish American, Adelstein says the holiday has a special significance to him.

Adelstein says if the whole event is a big campaign ad, the Trump Campaign should reimburse the state for the expense of the event.