Fort Pierre City Council approves agreement for work on bridge

FORT PIERRE, S.D. (KCCR) – The Fort Pierre City Council approved an agreement that let’s the city take advantage of a zero-percent State Infrastructure Bank loan for work on the Fort Pierre end of the Lt. Commander John Waldron Memorial Bridge. The Fort Pierre Business Improvement District or BID is offering to help fund the bridge plaza portion of the bridge for 221-thousand dollars.

Council Member Mike Weisgram, on behalf of the BID Board says a memorandum of understanding between the BID and the city is intended to protect the BID Board’s investment.

That language was of concern to Council member Dave LaRoche.

Council member Bob Ricketts also had concerns with the wording. Weisgram says he’s open to looking at the language.

The Council approved the agreement continent on the language of the memorandum of understanding being agreed upon by the Council. Fort Pierre has until the end of the month to let state officials know if they will be using the S-I-B loan, which is not normally made available to a city the size of Fort Pierre. The S-I-B loan can be used up to $523,000.