Fort Pierre City Council kill proposal to remove ash trees from public property

FORT PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The Fort Pierre City Council again killed a proposal to start the systematic removal of ash trees on public property in advance of the emerald ash borer’s arrival in central South Dakota.  Two weeks ago, the proposal was brought back to conference with the Arbor and Parks and Recreation Boards.  Councilman Larry Cronin was again behind the motion to postpone the effort.

Councilman Todd Bernhard says that break would be a good time to consider funding for replacement trees.

Mayor Gloria Hanson appeared visibly frustrated with the Council’s continued  resistance to moving forward.

Nearly 40-percent of trees on public land in Fort Pierre are ash trees.  The ash tree removal proposal may not come back to the Council before next spring.  Meanwhile, private fundraising may be considered to help pay for replacement trees.