Frederick School Board tabled motion to end coop with Leola in volleyball & basketball

FREDERICK, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Monday night, the Frederick School Board held their monthly meeting and among the topics discussed was the option to end the coop with Leola in basketball & volleyball.

In their previous meeting held on Wednesday, January 4th, the board made the motion to begin the process of ending that started back in 2003.  Afterward, the board sent an email to the people in Leola notifying them of their plans.

The people of Leola sent a busload of people to the school board meeting in Frederick Monday to present their point of view.  As a result of the crowd, the meeting was held in the Frederick High School gym instead of the library.

One Leola resident talked about being caught off guard by the decision of the Frederick School Board.

Another resident brought up the concern of not having enough students not only to compete but just to be a school.

Another Leola resident brings up the issue of lack of coop available if these two do disband.

Another resident talks what’s the responsibility of a school board.

Another Leola resident talks about some members of the board needing to recuse themselves before making this decision.

The Frederick School Board after hearing concerns from the residents of Leola decided to table the matter for now.  They will further discuss this about a month from now.

Prior to the Leola/Frederick coop, Frederick’s team name was the Vikings while Leola’s was the Pirates.