Get to know Brown County Commission Candidate Michael Carlsen

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Michael Carlsen appeared on KSDN Midday Report on Friday to discuss his candidacy for one of two Brown County Commission seats available.

Carlsen tells us a little bit about his background.

Carlsen talks about his platform if he’s elected

Carlsen discuss what he would like to see done with a regional jail here in Brown County going forward.

Carlsen did sign the petition to put the referendum for SB201 on the ballot in November.  He believes the 1500 foot setback the county has in place should be longer.

Carlsen comment on ways there can be better relations between the Brown County Sheriff’s Office & the Aberdeen Police Department.

Carlsen discuss ways to raise more money for the Brown County Fairgrounds for future infrastructure projects.

Carlsen talks about how he is preparing to be on the commission if elected.

Carlsen will be facing Incumbent Duane Sutton & challenger Kyler Dinger.  He talks about how he distinguish himself from them.

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