Get to know Chris Reder

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Christopher Reder is running for one of the two South Dakota House seats making up District 1.  Reder appeared on the KSDN Midday Report Tuesday to discuss his campaign.

Reder talks about what he wants to focus on to improve the district if elected.

Reder focus on what he believes legislators in South Dakota will need to start doing for the budget going forward.

Reder at this time would have to take a look what programs can afford cuts at this time.

Reder addressed SB201 and the issue of local control and was asked what role the counties have to do with regards to proving their setbacks  to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.

One topic that’s not had a lot of discussion so far is what to do to address zebra mussels that being seen across the state.

One of issues that will be voted on in the November elections is the abortion amendment.  Reder was asked if he would accept the will of the voters if it is approved in that election.

Reder was also asked if he would accept the vote on recreational marijuana if approved by the voters.

Reder is a former Navy veteran who runs the DTOM ranch in Warner.  He talks about what he wants to do to veterans if elected to the South Dakota House.

Reder was asked to distinguish himself between him & his opponents, Incumbent Tamara St. John & challenger Logan Manhart.

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