Get to know Logan Manhart

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Logan Manhart is running a campaign for his first term as legislator representing District 1 in the South Dakota House.  Manhart appeared on the KSDN Nightly Report to talk about his campaign.

Manhart tells us about his background.

Manhart talks about his priorities for District 1 and the state of South Dakota.

One of his key issues is to looking to reform offenders so when they depart from prison, they are an attribute to the public.

Manhart is a proponent of placing a referendum to repeal SB201 dealing with local control.  Manhart believes this is important to counties & cities.

Manhart talks about the issue of zebra mussels that is becoming more prevalent on South Dakota lakes.

Manhart was asked if he would honor the will of the voters if Amendment G that deals with abortion is approved by them.

Manhart is running against incumbent Tamara St. John & another challenger Christopher Reder.  He was asked how he would distinguish himself from his opponents.

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