Get to know Representative Steven Haugaard

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- As we continue to highlight your candidates available to vote on for the upcoming June 7th Republican primary. KXLG spoke with Steven Haugaard, Republican Candidate up against current Governor Kristi Noem.

Haugaard starts off with some of his background.

By becoming Speak of the House he could see what needed to be done. He tells KXLG news why he decided to run for Governor.

In the full interview he discussing more in detail what he says happened during the pandemic, the legislation working to keep the state open for business, and some executive orders that were put in place.

KXLG news asked about the Ethanol industry in the AG Community.

Haugaard discusses how the U.S. used to export oil.

Haugaard talks about a private railroad.

KXLG news asked what he was most proud of accomplishing thus far.

Haugaard spoke on voter confidence.

Voters need more education and more ways to retrieve that information.