Gettysburg, Pa. sends letter to Gettysburg, SD about flag controversy

GETTYSBURG, S.D.( — The City of Gettysburg Pennsylvania has sent a letter to the City of Gettysburg South Dakota about the Confederate flag controversy.

South Dakota’s Gettysburg has the confederate flag on its city police patch.

Pennslyvania’s Gettysburg says it’s weighing in after being contacted by people in South Dakota.

“While our Borough does not have an official policy on the use of the Confederate Flag, we are keenly aware of what it represented during the Civil War and today remains associated with white supremacist groups,” the letter states, “For this reason, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania does not view the use of the Confederate Flag on any Government property (flag poles, police uniforms, etc.) as an appropriate symbol of inclusion and equality.”

The letter makes a distinction between the confederate flag on government property and the many confederate statues on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

The city council is Gettysburg, South Dakota, is considering the removal of the flag from the police patch.