Gov. Noem bringing South Dakota National Guard troops home from the Southern Border

PIERRE, S.D.(Press Release) – Today, Governor Kristi Noem announced that the South Dakota National Guard troops on state active duty at the southern border will be returning home later this month. Governor Noem gave the following statement:

“I want to thank our dedicated troops with the South Dakota National Guard who have served honorably in this deployment to the Mexican Border. Our troops delivered on their mission, providing boots on the ground to supplement the efforts of Texas state troopers, National Guard, and Customs and Border Patrol agents. They directly assisted in stopping human trafficking and drug smuggling into our nation.

“The end of this deployment comes at a key transition point  Thanks to our troops, Texas had time to organize and will now increase its financial commitment and manpower from within the state. Additionally, this deployment has made two things very clear: what happens on the border doesn’t stay there, and President Biden’s policies are enabling this crisis to continue.

“The South Dakota National Guard encountered more than 6,000 individuals crossing the border. Unfortunately, because of the Biden Administration’s failed border policies, the system has become one of facilitating the crossing of illegal immigrants into our country.

“Over the course of this mission, the scope of the drug smuggling and human trafficking taking place has been made clear to us, and it is staggering. Every state in the nation, including South Dakota, is made less safe as a result. The cartels are taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis – which is soaking up virtually all of Border Patrol’s efforts – and using it as a distraction for their criminal activities. So long as the border remains unsecure, this crisis will continue.

“The end of this deployment, however, is not the end of our commitment to secure our southern border. South Dakota is sending an additional 125 troops next month on a federal mission.

“President Biden’s approach is an utter disaster. As border crossings continue to climb, I am reiterating my call for President Biden to focus on America first and secure the border.”