Governo Noem makes statement on Ravnsborg investigative file

PIERRE, S.D.(Press Release) – On Monday, Governor Kristi Noem issued the following statement in response to multiple news agencies requesting that she release the investigative file into the fatal crash involving Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and the late Mr. Joseph Boever.

“I have seen the entire investigative file, and the public deserves to see it so that they can learn the truth of what happened. The House has the sole constitutional power of impeachment, and they have the responsibility to see this process through in a timely manner.

Here, you will find the letter that my Secretary of Public Safety sent to House Speaker Spencer Gosch in September, handing the file over to him. The House impeachment resolution states that ‘all members of the House of Representatives shall have nonpublic access to all information gathered by the select committee.’”