Governor Kristi Noem declares a State of Emergency following Thursday night’s windstorm

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Following the windstorm that hit eastern South Dakota especially those along I-29 from Sisseton down south to Sioux Falls and Yankton, Governor Noem has declared a state of emergency.

Governor Noem called the event unprecedented.

Governor Noem credits the first responders for their quick responses to the situation.

Governor Noem explains what the emergency declaration does.

Governor Noem praises the South Dakota Highway Patrol & the South Dakota National Guard.

Governor Noem started commenting on some of the communities hardest hit beginning with her hometown Castlewood.

Governor Noem talked about the Madison area where there were reports of 97mph wind gusts.

Governor Noem talked about Salem where residents of the nursing home were forced to be evacuated.

Governor Noem also discussed how the weather impacted the farms & ranches in the region.

Governor Noem encourages the people whose location suffered damage as a result of the windstorm to contact their local authority in their county, especially counties hit hardest by the storm.

So far two people have died in connection to the weather.  One was in Sioux Falls while the other was on the road just south of Canton.