Governor Kristi Noem speak at last week’s Republican National Governor’s Association meeting in Florida

ORLANDO, F.L.(WNAX)- South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke on a panel at the Republican National Governor’s Association meeting in Florida last week.

Noem told the newly elected GOP Governors that they were rock stars for what they had accomplished and offered some advice.

Noem talked about how South Dakota came through the Covid Pandemic better than many states, and that helped the state’s economy and outlook heading into the recent midterm election.

Noem told them when she first was elected, she found that being Governor doesn’t mean that everyone will like what you do in office.

Noem said she quickly found out that some members of the media, particularly at the national level, would not tell the truth about what was happening in her state.

She told the new Governors that people have to hear the story directly from them.

Noem made her remarks on a panel with Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska & Kim Reynolds of Iowa.