Governor Noem and colleagues send letter supporting Israel to President Biden

PIERRE, S.D.(Press Release) – On Friday, Governor Kristi Noem and 19 of her fellow Republican governors sent a letter to President Biden expressing their support for the State of Israel. The governors called on the federal government to take action to help the beloved people of Israel and keep America secure. You can read the letter here.

“We pledge our steadfast support to our ally Israel following the appalling attacks perpetrated against Israel’s sovereignty and innocent civilians on October 7, 2023,” wrote Governor Noem and her colleagues. “We write today to make clear that our states absolutely condemn these heinous acts of terrorism led by Iran-backed Hamas and proudly stand Israel and the Jewish people.”

The Republican governors hold that, “when the lives of American citizens hang in the balance, the American President must speak boldly and act decisively.” Governor Noem issued her own statement in support of Israel following the devastating terrorist attacks. Governor Noem also ordered that flags be flown at half-staff statewide in support of Israel.

“This type of international chaos and violence is a direct result of your administration’s appeasement-first foreign policy,” continued Governor Noem and the other governors. “We call on you to project American strength by…clearly and unequivocally condemning these attacks and supporting Israel’s unquestioned right to respond and defend itself.”