Governor Noem & legislative leaders talks about budget issues heading into the last week

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says legislators have the time to agree on a budget bill.

Noem says she set the framework for the budget in December.

Legislators have to figure out how to spend hundreds of millions of one-time federal dollars in this year’s plan.

Several budget bills held up in the House Appropriations Committee have been smoked out for debate on the House floor.

House Majority Leader Kent Peterson of Salem says he is optimistic they will have a budget bill by Thursday.

Peterson says its normal to have differences of opinion between the Committees and full House.

Peterson says there will be lots of debate on spending next week.

It will take two thirds vote of the House to pass the final budget bill.

The budget will be the final bill that is passed and Senator Reynold Nesiba of Sioux Falls says the House and Senate have different documents right now.

Nesiba says they should agree by Thursday.

Nesiba says Senate appropriators are getting close to their final budget bill.

The final day of the main run is Thursday, but legislators return for veto day on March 28th.