Governor Noem release pollings indicating which tax cut they prefer

PIERRE, S.D.(Press Release) – On Monday, Governor Kristi Noem released polling data indicating that South Dakotans strongly prefer the elimination of the grocery sales tax to other potential tax cut options.

A memo summarizing the poll results is attached. The poll was conducted by Front Porch Strategies on behalf of South Dakota Strong Leadership PAC.

Front Porch Strategies released a memo on the results, which is attached. Key results include:

  • 75% of South Dakotans support eliminating the sales tax on groceries, with 50% being very supportive.
  • 93% of South Dakotans have been significantly impacted by rising inflation.
  • 95% of South Dakotans say their grocery bill is more expensive than it was in 2020, with 82% saying their grocery bill has increased by over $50.
  • When informed of the pros and cons of different tax cut proposals, 58% prefer eliminating the grocery tax, 29% prefer reducing property taxes, and 3% prefer reducing the overall sales tax rate.

South Dakotans across the political spectrum and from every walk of life overwhelmingly support eliminating the sales tax on groceries, including:

  • 75% of Republicans;
  • 76% of Democrats;
  • More than 70% of every income breakdown;
  • More than 70% of both genders; and,
  • More than 70% of every age bracket.