Governor Noem signs Executive Order Expanding Job Opportunities

PIERRE, S.D.(Press Release) – On Monday, Governor Noem signed Executive Order 2023-05 expanding job opportunities to South Dakotans without a postsecondary degree. The order requires executive branch agencies to consider work and life experiences during the hiring process when a postsecondary degree is not required to perform the duties of the job.

“I took classes for many years, but I did not graduate with my bachelor’s degree until I was already a member of Congress,” said Governor Noem. “Not having a postsecondary degree didn’t hold me back, so I hope that qualified, dedicated South Dakotans can have those same opportunities.”

The Commissioner of the Bureau of Human Resources will review all current and future job postings for executive branch agency positions that require an undergraduate or graduate degree and determine whether such a degree is necessary to perform the job duties. A job posting will then state whether or not a degree is required to fill the position and may further state preferred career experience and education.

This Executive Order requires that state employees responsible for hiring must consider work or life experiences of an applicant during the selection process. This includes:

  • Workforce expertise;
  • Registered apprenticeship programs;
  • Career and technical college certificates or degrees;
  • Military service; and,
  • Other qualifications showing the applicant’s ability to perform the duties of the job.

This Executive Order will allow us to welcome more bright South Dakotans to work in the executive branch. You can find photos of Governor Noem signing the Executive Order here