Governor Noem signs more bills into law

PIERRE, S.D. – On Thursday, Governor Noem signed 13 bills into law:

  • SB 1 – Modifies debilitating medical conditions for cannabis use;
  • SB 35 – Makes an appropriation to expand laboratory space at the Sanford Underground Research Facility;
  • SB 118 – Expands eligibility for certain teachers who receive reduced tuition at Board of Regents institutions;
  • SB 120 – Increases an amount of property value owned by a local industrial development corporation that is exempt from taxation;
  • SB 141 – Clarifies and modernizes cremation requirements and procedures;
  • SB 159 – Revises provisions regarding vehicle warranty claims;
  • SB 180 – Addresses requirements for the execution of a living will;
  • SB 181 – Authorizes the provision of medical records and the imposition of related fees;
  • HB 1055 – Increases the dollar amount of South Dakota opportunity scholarships;
  • HB 1108 – Revises provisions related to abandoned mobile or manufactured homes;
  • HB 1176 – Revises certain provision regarding on-sale alcoholic beverage licenses for use at municipality-owned facilities;
  • HB 1231 – Revises certain provisions related to the sealing of adoption records; and,
  • HB 1240 – Amends provisions addressing guardianship and conservatorship.

Governor Noem has signed 209 bills into law and vetoed five this legislative session. No further bills are awaiting executive action by the governor.