Governor Noem’s Inaugural Address talks Top Ten Surprises during her first term

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Saturday, Governor Noem was officially sworn in to begin her second term as Governor of South Dakota.

In her inaugural address she reflected back on her first term by doing a top ten list of things that surprised her as Governor of the state.  Some comical but also some to be taken seriously.

#10 was the fact people care where she goes.

#9 deals with her wardrobe.

#8 deals with school mascots.

#7 deals with when decisions can be made.

#6 deals with her state employees.

#5 deals with what she would like to get more of.

#4 deals with what the Governor receives in the mail.

#3 deals with one of her passions.

#2 dealt with one thing that she can’t do.

The #1 thing that surprised Governor Noem is this.

Governor Noem will deliver her State of the State address on Tuesday at 1pm.