Group with Nazi flag attempts to protest at state capitol

PIERRE, S.D. (KELOLAND & KCCR) – A group of people waving the Nazi flag were seen attempting to protest at the state Capitol in Pierre today. According to a press release sent by the Department of Public Safety, the group tried to march at the state capitol this afternoon before South Dakota Highway Patrol asked them to leave. Officials say the group did not have a permit to protest on the premises.

In response – Governor Kristi Noem said on X, “We just celebrated the 80th commemoration of D-Day, when the take-back of Europe from Freedom-hating Nazis began. Today, Nazis attempted to rally at the SD Capitol without a permit and were escorted away by Highway Patrol officers. Nazis are not welcome here in South Dakota. We stand on the shoulders of generations of Americans who have fought for the Freedom of all — here and abroad. We stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We reject all hatred and Nazis. Full stop.”
U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson also commented on saying,” This is atrocious.”

State Representative Will Mortenson commented on X, “Hearing reports about Nazis marching in Pierre. I don’t know that rock they crawled out from under, but they are not welcome here.”

The marchers wore black masks and red shirts with the words Blood Tribe across the back.  The Blood Tribe is based in Ohio.  The group’s leader, Christopher Pohlaus on the social media site X said they were protesting House Bill 1076.  That bill legalized a definition for antisemitism when investigating unfair or discriminatory practices.  Pohlhaus noted in the post the protest came on the 57th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the U-S-S Liberty. The South Dakota Highway Patrol asked the group to leave because they didn’t have a permit to protest on the Capitol grounds.  The group was spotted protesting in Deadwood Saturday evening.