Habitat stamp makes it through House

PIERRE, S.D. (KJJQ) – A bill to establish a wildlife habitat stamp will likely soon be headed to the Governor’s desk. The measure was authored by Senator V.J. Smith of Brookings and it made it through the House Monday.

The proposal calls for electronic stamps that would be $10 for residents and $25 for non-residents. It would raise about $6 million a year to be used to restore public game production areas and to repair small dams.

Representative Herman Otten of Lennox presented the bill on the House floor and explains what it will do.

Representative Taffy Howard of Rapid City spoke against the bill.

Representative Tim Reed of Brookings spoke in support.

The bill earlier cleared the Senate and it made it through the House on a 50-14 vote. There were some minor changes made in House committee that the Senate will have to OK before it goes to the Governor.