HB1116 passes the House state Affairs Committee as HB1125 is tabled

PIERRE, S.D. (SDBA) — A House committee tables one bill dealing with “drag shows” but passes another this Monday.
The House State Affairs Committee passes HB 1116, which disallows the use of school district, state university, or state property to be used in hosting lewd or lascivious content.
The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Chris Karr from Sioux Falls, said the bill gives the Board of Regents and other public school officials the authority to ban lewd and lascivious events.
Bill supporter Florence Thompson with South Dakotan Citizens for Liberty.
She said schools would never allow performers in blackface or performances that demean Native Americans.
Opponent Garrett Satterly, an SDSU student.
A “drag show” event at SDSU last fall prompted the two measures.
HB 1116 passed on an 11 to 1 vote.
It goes to the House floor.
ACLU expressed their opposition to this bill.
A related bill, HB 1125, is temporarily tabled.