HB1133 clear House State Affairs Committee

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Monday was “Pipeline Day” at Pierre.  The South Dakota House State Affairs Committee discuss bills dealing with CO2 pipeline and the issue of eminent domain.  HB1133 deals with a company transporting carbon dioxide by pipeline is not a common carrier.

The author of the bill is Representative Karla Lems of Canton & she saids this is not her bill but is the landowner’s bill.

Brian Jordre is a lawyer representing the landowners, & he discuss this level the playing field regarding eminent domain.

Craig Schaunamann farms in the region & he discuss the role eminent domain has done to him.

Dennis Feickert who used to represent Aberdeen in the South Dakota House talks about his issue with eminent domain for financial gain.

People also testified against this bill including Jake Ketzner of Summit Carbon Solution who talks about what the pipeline would do.

Another one opposing was Elizabeth Burns-Thompson of Navigator who talks about how the pipeline has had bipartisan support.

Chief Executive Officer with Glacial Lake Energy, Jim Seurer(sire) talks about how much ethanol is made in the Aberdeen market.

Chief Executive Officer for Redfield Energy, Eric Baukol talks how the project will impact the ethanol industry.

Baukol explains how the state of South Dakota can become winners with the pipeline.

The bill received a “do pass” recommendation on an eight to five vote.

Other pipeline related bills had mixed results.

Bill dealing with a $500 cost to survey the land failed on a 9-3 vote.

Bill dealing with getting 90% easements before going to the Public Utilities Commission failed on a unanimous vote.

Bill dealing with delaying the start construction of the pipeline for the purpose of health & safety failed on a 7-5 vote.