Highlights of the Cracker Barrel session that took place Saturday

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce hosted the first of three cracker barrel sessions Saturday at Northern State University. Legislators from District 1, 2. 3. & 23 were represented.

NSU President Neal Schnoor talked one of the bills the school is trying to get through this legislative session.

District 3 Senator Al Novstrup talks about a bill he’s trying push through the legislature.

District 3 Representative Drew Dennert talked about one of the biggest issues he’s receiving feedback about.

District 1 Senator Michael Rohl talks about a bill he working on dealing with workforce.

A member of the audience asked about anyway to preserve Lincoln Hall rathering than tearing it down, Senator Novstrup responded.

An audience member asked Amendment C which will be voted by South Dakotans in June.  Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch discuss that.

A question was asked about SB46(Fairness in women’s sports) that is going through the South Dakota House. Speaker Gosch talked about the amendment Representative Rhonda Milstead put into it.

The topic of the CO2 pipeline was brought up in front of the legislators.  District 23 Representative Charlie Hoffman talks about his stance on the issue.

Hoffman also said that Summit Carbon Energy needs to be more upfront about it.

District 2 Representative Lana Greenfield presented her opinion on the pipeline.

The next Cracker Barrel session is scheduled for Saturday, February 12th, 10AM-12PM at the NSU Kessler’s Champions Club.