House Majority Whip JD Wangsness address his trip to the Southern Border

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- the South Dakota House Majority Whip JD Wangsness last week made the trip to the Southern Border along with Governor Noem addressing issues dealing with illegal immigration.

Wangsness talks about what the South Dakota National Guard has done at the border.

Wangsness discuss more about the morale of the troops being stationed there.

Governor Noem did her press conference on Friday to talk about the impact the drugs are having on reservations in South Dakota.  Since then, Flandreau & Yankton tribal leadership have announced that their ban on Governor Noem are now imminent.  Flandreau’s also called for the resignation of Tribal Relation Secretary David Price & the removal of both Senator Michael Rohl & Representative Tamara St. John as co-chairs of the State-Tribal Relations Committee.  Wangsness believe that St. John position is safe.

Senate Pro-Temp Lee Schoenbeck informed the Dakota Scout that Senator Rohl will remain as co-chair of that committee.

Wangsness also feels that the Federal Government should try to assist more on the immigration crisis at the Southern Border.

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to take on the bipartisan bill deal with border security on Thursday.