House Majority Whip talks about his opposition to the repeal of SB201

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Last week, groups opposed to SB201 which address local control submitted their petition for a referendum to repeal SB201.  A strong proponent of that bill is the South Dakota House Majority Whip J.D. Wangsness and he appeared on the KSDN Midday Report Tuesday to address that.

As the Secretary of State’s Office look to verify the signatures, there was question whether this bill would have gone into effect on Monday(July 1st).  Wangsness was also looking for clarification as well.

Wangsness was asked if delaying the implementation of SB201 would delay Summit Carbon Solutions’s plans to submit their application for their pipeline to the South Dakota PUC.

Wangsness wants the Secretary of State’s Office to verify every signature submitted for this referendum.

Wangsness was asked whoever wins the Presidential election in November will have an impact on the carbon sequestration process.

Wangsness talks about how SB201 is a bill that give landowners more rights than what’s being reported.

Wangsness talks about what he wants to see done if the referendum does make the ballot in November.

Over 28,000 signature were turned into the Secretary of State’s Office for the referendum.