House Taxation Committee approves opt out bill

PIERRE, S.D. (KJJQ) – The House Taxation Committee approves a bill that would allow school

district voters to refer opt outs that passed before 2002.

Representative John Mills of Volga is the sponsor of the measure. He says these are opt outs put in place before the law changed that required a time limit.

Mills says he brought the bill at the urging of constituents. Those constituents are residents of the Big Stone City School District where there are 19 resident students yet they’re paying two opt outs.

Representative Tim Reed of Brookings spoke in opposition, referring to a letter from one of those Big Stone City residents.

There are 30 such opt outs in the state including one for $750,000 passed in Brookings in 2001.

The measure passed 8-4 and now moves to the House floor.