How’s SB155 defeat in the South Dakota House impact Brown County

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Wednesday, the South Dakota House defeated SB155 on a vote of 54-14.  SB155 would allow the funding needed for the building to be used for a regional jail in Aberdeen.

Brown County Commissioner Mike Wiese talks about the impact this will have for Aberdeen.

Wiese expressed his disappointment with how the vote turned out.

Wiese talks about the deadline of April 1st for the money needed to continue with the project.

Wiese commented on whether the county can work with the Aberdeen City Council in regards to help with the completion of the jail.

Wiese talks about the next step the Brown County Commission can do.

Wiese discuss whether this could go to the vote of the people of Brown County going forward.

Commissioner Wiese this past summer was on the task force dealing with construction of jails around the state.