[Hub-Cast!] NSU’s Fiedler & BCSpeedway’s Rokit Check In

ABERDEEN, SD (HubCityRadio.com) – On Wednesday’s edition of “The Sports Hub” (which airs Monday-Friday from 10a-11a on Fox Sports Aberdeen, 1420AM) David Tukesbrey brought in a pair of guests into the Hub City Radio studios. First, he brought in Aberdeen Roncalli alum and current Northern State University women’s basketball player, Morgan Fiedler.

During her time at Aberdeen Roncalli, she was a multi-sport athlete (basketball, soccer + T&F). Ultimately she chose to play basketball at the next level; she talks about her love for the game.

Fielder did a lot of big things on the hardwood (more on that later) but she also did some incredible things in track and field, too; winning the triple jump championship in both class A & class B.

Yes, you heard that right. She picked up the triple jump and two months later she was a state champion in that event. To what does she owe the credit to?

On the hardwood, Fielder was apart of the Roncalli girls basketball team that won the state championship against Hamlin back in 2021. She reflects on the hike the summit and eventually reaching the top of the mountain.

Now that she’s finished with high school, she is now a member of the Northern State University basketball squad. She explained on her decision to remain in Aberdeen.

You can listen to the full conversation Tukes had with Morgan Fiedler by clicking on the link HERE: https://www.facebook.com/FoxSportsAberdeen/videos/595225209390438

In the back half of the show, Tukes had his weekly visit with one of the voices of the Brown County Speedway, Rusty Rokit.

On Friday night from the speedway, it was a fantastic night of racing with the NOSA Sprint Cars in town. Off the air, Rusty & Tukes talked about a term that happened multiple times on Friday, “The Slide Job.”

He says in particular (with the late models on Friday) it was one of the more intense finishes of the year.

So far this year, Friday nights at the speedway have been filled with ‘can’t miss’ action. Rokit said a new surface at the speedway has yielded some great results.

To wrap up the chat, Rokit told the listeners to bring out the youngsters this coming Friday. It’s ‘kids night’ at the speedway with great opportunities for meet and greets with kids and the drivers. Not only that, but over $2,000 worth in prizes will be given away.

Once again, you can listen to the full conversation with Rusty Rokit & David Tukesbrey talking all things Brown County Speedway, by clicking on the link HERE: https://www.facebook.com/FoxSportsAberdeen/videos/595225209390438