[Hub-Cast!] Rokit Breaks Down Speedway + Selland Heads Overseas

ABERDEEN, SD (HubCityRadio.com) – On Monday’s edition of “The Sports Hub” on Fox Sports Aberdeen 1420AM, David Tukesbrey caught up with one of the voices of the Brown County Speedway, Rusty Rokit and also one of the best to lace up the shoes in blue and gold, Myah Selland of SDSU Women’s Basketball.

From the speedway on Friday, it was a terrific evening of competitive racing on RDO Equipment night. The Moonshine Mod tour took center stage and Rokit felt it was one of the best nights of the year, to date.

When it comes to ‘photo finishes’ that exactly what the Speedway had. Rokit explains that each car has a digital transponder and that was used to determine who won a few of the races.

In the Street Stocks, things got very interesting and down to the wire. Rokit breaks down the race and the finish, which saw Jodie Michaelsohn pick up his first victory in over a decade.

This upcoming week, it’s considered a ‘regular show’ but there will also be some of the made up races from a few weeks ago when the weather nixed the features (two weeks ago).

In the back half of the show, Tukes caught up with Myah Selland [out-going basketball player with South Dakota State University]. Selland is headed across the pond to play basketball in Spain. She’s come a long way from her humble beginnings in Letcher, SD. Selland talks about how she fell in love with the game of basketball.

Being from such a small town as Letcher, you’re almost forced to play multiple sports. Selland didn’t just specialize in basketball, but also did track and field and volleyball. She thinks it’s important to develop the whole student athlete by being diverse in athletics.

The 2021-2022 season was a special one for the Jackrabbits; in the postseason, the Jacks went on a tremendous run and it ended in the WNIT championship crown. Selland reminisces on that special postseason run and the support from the community.

The question becomes, what’s better? Winning the WNIT championship, or going to the NCAA National tournament, wining a game, but being eliminated in the next game?

To listen to the full conversation(s) with Rusty Rokit & Myah Selland, click this link HERE:


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