Hughes County Emergency Manager resigns

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- Hughes County is looking for a new emergency management director.  County Manager Lori Jacobson asked the Hughes County Commission Monday to accept the resignation of Cathy Strudel.  Jacobson told the Commission Strudel was moving west river but was not able to elaborate on Strudel’s plans.  Strudel replaced Rob Fines who retired July 1st of 2022 after Fines served two-plus decades as E-M to both Hughes and Stanley Counties.  Strudel didn’t start as Emergency Manager for the counties until September 26th of 2022, meaning she will have spent 13 months in the official capacity as Emergency Management Director.  Jacobson says there is no timeline to find a replacement for Strudel.  She says Commissioners are debating whether to look inside the county for a replacement, post outside or both.  Strudel’s last day in October 19th.