Hughes County Sheriff’s Office looking to save money on laundry

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The Hughes County Sheriff’s Office is looking to save money by shifting its laundry duty to the correctional facility that sits on the hill overlooking the South Dakota Women’s Prison in Pierre.  Sheriff Patrick Callahan says laundry is currently done through the prison.

Callahan says the Hughes County Jail doesn’t have a laundry room, but was built for one, so he and Chief Deputy Dustin Drew have started looking at equipment.

Drew says the Sheriff’s Department is looking into clarification about who can operate the laundry.

If jail inmate labor could be used to run the laundry, that could save the county even more.  The Hughes County Commission approved the 23-thousand 800-dollar industrial washer and dryer purchase, but asked Callahan to bring back more estimates for the installation work.