Hunter drowns in Bitter Lake near Waubay

WAUBAY, S.D. (KXLG) – The Day County Sheriff’s Office isn’t releasing a name yet, but has confirmed a drowning over the weekend on Bitter Lake near Waubay. Day County Sheriff Ryan Rucktaeschel (RUCK-TASH-EL) says the investigation is being conducted by his office and the Game, Fish, and Parks Department.

He says all three of the waterfowl hunters were from out-of-state and that a couple of different factors may have caused the boat to capsize. The sheriff said the Watertown hunters were able to save two of the three hunters after they heard them yelling for help in the water. He said a dog was also pulled from the water safely. Authorities says the deceased hunter’s body has been recovered and the investigation continues. The incident happened on the west side of Bitter Lake Saturday morning just before sunrise. Day County Conservation Officer Calvin Meyer says water safety is number one when using a duck boat for waterfowl hunting.

Meyer says he’s a duck hunter himself and it’s tempting sometimes to overload the boat.

He encouraged hunters not to get too sidetracked with the hunt at the expense of ignoring safety.