Impact of consolidation of mail processing centers

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- Postal workers say mail delivery will suffer, but the Postal Service is moving ahead with proposed consolidation of mail processing centers.

It’s part of a nationwide reorganization of mail processing…and it will remove all regional mail processing operations out of South Dakota, which currently has regional centers in Huron and Sioux Falls.

Todd West, the President of the South Dakota Postal Workers Union, says the main impact will be slower local mail delivery.

West says no one will be laid off because of a clause in the postal workers union contract.
West says the biggest impact will be slower local mail delivery.

Under the change, local mail sent from one Sioux Falls address to another will be sent to Omaha to be processed, and then returned for distribution and delivery.

He says on-time delivery in other areas of the country operating under the new system has dropped to 36-percent.