Invenergy’s Wind Project submit application to the South Dakota PUC

DEUEL COUNTY, S.D.(Press Release)- Invenergy’s South Deuel Wind Project is poised to significantly impact the region’s clean energy production and economic growth by applying to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (SD PUC) to build additional wind towers.

The South Deuel Wind Energy Center, developed by Invenergy, will harness the superior wind resources in Deuel County, South Dakota. With a nameplate capacity of up to 260 MW (delivering 250 MW to the point of interconnection), this project will power homes and businesses while reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The total investment in Deuel County for this project exceeds $621 million.

On Wednesday, the SD PUC issued a public notice regarding Invenergy’s application. Individuals directly interested in the project have until August 27 to apply for “intervenor” status. This status allows them to participate in hearings, file motions, request facts or documents, and engage in other aspects of the permitting process. The new application states that Invenergy will not use eminent domain, a legal procedure to obtain land from unwilling landowners.

According to the application submitted to the SD PUC, the project will create 559 new jobs in Deuel County and 1,617 jobs across South Dakota during construction. Long-term operations will sustain 15.9 local jobs in Deuel County and 27.5 jobs statewide.

Construction activities will contribute over $91.6 million in new output to Deuel County and more than $298 million to the entire state. Annually, the project will generate $3.4 million in long-term output for Deuel County and $6.5 million for South Dakota.

Property Taxes and Revenue:

Over the project’s lifespan, it will provide substantial property tax revenue:

– Total school district revenue: $13.0 million

– County property taxes (Deuel County): $9.1 million

– State property taxes (South Dakota): $11.9 million

– Total property taxes across all taxing districts: $38.0 million

Additionally, the project will contribute $78 million in payments to landowners and existing agricultural producers.

Deuel County will see $33.0 million in new earnings during construction, while South Dakota will benefit from $113 million. Long-term operations will result in $1.0 million in annual earnings for Deuel County and $1.9 million for the state.

The project’s dispersed footprint minimally impacts existing land uses. Approximately 1,058 acres of temporary ground disturbance are expected during construction, with only 51 acres becoming long-term sites for operational facilities. South Deuel Wind has conducted thorough environmental studies to ensure responsible development.