Johnson shares thoughts on national issues

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KXLG) – South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson made three stops in Watertown Monday including one at the Zesto Drive Inn where he spoke with the public in town hall fashion as part of his “Inside Scoop” meetings that he’s holding across the state. Trade, tariffs, immigration, and Gun violence dominated the conversation. South Dakota’s lone Congressman defended the U.S., Mexican, Canada Agreement saying it’s much better than NAFTA.

Some of the conversation turned to the negative atmosphere surrounding national politics. Congressman Johnson says the public has bought from their elected officials the kind of tone they want and it’s reflected in cable news programs that feed daily on negative stories while ignoring those that have big consequences for all Americans.

He encouraged the public to invest in media sources and political candidates that, and who, are responsible at all levels of government.