Landowner Ed Fischbach react to what the President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce has to say about pipelines

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, Dave Owen is traveling across the state to preview what’s coming in the 2024 South Dakota legislative session.  One of the key topics is his support for the CO2 pipeline to be used by Summit Carbon Solutions.  Spink County landowner Ed Fischbach reacted to what Owen said.

Owen told the citizens in Yankton & Vermillion that he believes the pipelines will benefit the ethanol industry.  Fischbach presented a counter argument.

Fischbach discuss different reasons why Summit believes they should be in support of these pipelines in South Dakota.

Fischbach believes President Owen is speaking on behalf of Summit Carbon Solutions.

Fischbach criticizes Owen for something they will be pushing for in next year’s legislative session.

President Owen will be speaking to citizens in Aberdeen on Friday as part of the Community Affairs Luncheon.  It will begin at 12pm at the K.O.Lee Library.