Landowner Ed Fischbach reflect on successful night for those oppose to CO2 pipeline

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Tuesday night’s election was a terrific night for landowners who’s opposed to Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 pipeline.

Spink County landowner Ed Fischbach talks about the return of Lana Greenfield to represent Spink County for the next two years.

Fischbach besides doing campaigning here in the region also campaigned for some other candidates across the state and started by talking about the people that been helping out with the cause of preventing the pipeline in the state.

Fischbach also took time to talk about other candidates that he campaigned for that also advanced.

Garcia would defeat the incumbent in District 5 Brian Calles.

Some of the candidates who signed the petition to place SB201 on the November ballot believe that if Donald Trump. whose oppose to Biden’s Green New Deal, wins the election might put an end to the pipelines in South Dakota.  Fischbach is not convinced that would happen with either presidential candidates.

Fischbach talks about a strategy that Glacial Lakes Energy Executive Director Jim Seurer(Sire) used for this election which didn’t work.

This weekend is the Republican Convention being held in Pierre.  Among the topics to be discussed is the candidate  for South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.  Commissioner Kristie Fiegen is being challenged by Amber Christianson.  Fiegen had to recuse herself from Summit’s hearing in October 2023 due to a conflict of interest.  Fischbach believes because of the South Dakota State Supreme Court, Fiegen would be able to appear on the commission this time.

Majority Leaders in both the South Dakota House & Senate(Will Mortenson & Michael Crabtree) have expressed concern about holding on leadership as a result of Tuesday’s elections.  Fischbach believes both shouldn’t return to those roles next year.

Fischbach was a lifelong Democrat who this year for the first time switched Republican.  He was asked if he would remain Republican from this day forward.

Petition drive continue for the repeal of SB201.  The deadline to turned that in is June 25th.