Landowners now calling for Senator Lee Schoenbeck to resign following a series of malicious texts

SOUTH DAKOTA(HubCityRadio)- South Dakota Landowners Thursday have called on Senator Lee Schoenbeck to resign following a series of inappropriate texts he sent to South Dakota Treasurer Josh Haeder.  Haeder was serving on the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission filling in for Commissioner Kristie Fiegen in the Summit Carbon Solutions request for the CO2 pipeline.  Fiegen had a conflict of interest which prevented her from participating in this hearing. The commission voted unanimously(3-0) to deny the request to Summit.

Following the hearing, Secretary Haeder received text messages from Senate Pro Temp Lee Schoenbeck from Watertown.

Here’s are the series of text messages that Senator Schoenbeck sent to Secretary Haeder.

Schoenbeck comments to Haeder

Landowner Ed Fischbach released the following statement:

“This is intimidation and totally unacceptable behavior from a sitting senator in a leadership position.  Because of this, our landowner group is calling for Senator Schoenbeck to resign.”