Latest rains having more effect on planting than harvest

PIERRE, S.D. (WNAX) – Last week’s heavy rains, flooding and severe storms will have more of an effect on winter wheat planting in South Dakota than on spring wheat harvest. South Dakota Wheat Commission Executive Director Reid Christopherson says most of the spring wheat harvest is wrapped up save for the northernmost counties.

He says most of the winter wheat planting takes place in South Dakota from now through October 15. Christopherson says one of the challenges will be getting into the fields in time to get that winter wheat seeding done.

Christopherson who traveled from the western part of South Dakota to Sioux Falls last week says he saw a lot of water in the fields, especially in the Plankinton, Mount Vernon, Mitchell and Madison areas.

Christopherson says with most of the spring wheat harvest wrapped or wrapping up, they’ve seen yields range from 60 to 80 bushels an acre with some spotty areas of scab showing up.